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Create New Digital Services or Businesses

Maybe it’s time to create a wireless business, or introduce managed network services or partner with your regional hospital to launch an eHealth application that allows your customers to monitor their blood pressure remotely.

Regardless of the scope or scale of your new product, service or business line, there is a complexity to the launch process that can be daunting.

It starts with the business strategy and fine tuning your business case and timeline to ensure it’s both realistic and achievable. Next you need to create a flawless road map to execution that includes not only consideration of the necessary infrastructure, data and technologies, but also the right organization and people to support the launch and manage the resulting business.

Don’t forget about the importance of both internal and external communication and the methods you will use to keep your employees, vendors, stakeholders and customers appropriately engaged.

CAS Group represents a reliable and experienced partner that can guide you through this process and help you make informed decisions every step of the way. Our vast experience in working with communication service providers and cable companies to bring new products and businesses to market will be utilized to help you do the same.

Typical Engagements

    • Strategy and Planning
    • Market Analysis
    • Portfolio Review
    • Competitive Review
    • Digital Ecosystem Design
    • Partner Models and Agreements
    • Gap Assessment
    • Product Design
    • Product Roadmap
    • Execution and Delivery Plan
    • Release Management
    • Pricing and Billing
    • Customer Experience