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Realize Your Full Business Potential with IoE

The Internet of Everything (IoE) promises unprecedented business opportunities and wealth, not to mention the development of applications and services we can only begin to imagine. Just how big is the opportunity?
Per the Internet of Things (IoT) Global Forecast and Analysis conducted by Machina Research there will be a $3 Trillion revenue opportunity overall with $2.2 Billion in cellular connections alone.

Besides the obvious shift in mindset and organization shifts that needs to occur within traditional communication providers, there are a multitude of process and operational changes that will need to happen before anyone can move to take advantage of this looming opportunity.

A recent survey conducted by TM Forum also revealed that the world’s largest service providers have security at the top of their list of challenges that will need to be overcome in terms of operations, partnerships and customer experience management in a connected world.

Source:  Forrester

We at CAS Group are extremely well equipped to help our industry move to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the IoE by helping them develop the right digital services, create a monetization strategy, map out the right technologies, systems, processes and organization to support their efforts and most importantly, address the complex issue of security and privacy and build trust-based solutions.