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Transform to Meet the Challenges of a Digital World

When a company gets to a place where it needs to transform its business and/or the technology that supports it, it’s not at all uncommon that as the leadership teams looks at themselves and other key employees they quickly realize they don’t have anyone who has undergone that kind of massive change program before.

Sometimes they are at a loss at where to start. Sometimes they get underway and realize they are in over their heads. The complexity of these programs can be overwhelming and even the most skilled CIOs, architects, systems analysts, technical resources and project managers miss some of the most common issues caused by lack of communication, failures in organization and loss of control over aspects of the program run by third parties.

Furthermore, change is disruptive. Right from the very beginning as the ideas and strategies for your transformation efforts are being discussed and reviewed, the leadership team gets distracted and is no longer 100% devoted to today’s business.

How do you minimize that distraction? How do you ensure that your leadership team and your most productive employees aren’t pulled away in a manner that causes business disruption?

When you start implementing new technology and strategic transformation initiatives how do you ensure that changes in systems, data, processes and organization aren’t wreaking havoc on your current business? How do you avoid major support issues? Hiccups in billing? Or even disruption in service?

The consultants who work with the CAS Group have collectively worked on close to 100 different transformation projects and have a proven track record of success. They will work alongside you and your team to ensure that you address every possible issue, see all the risks and avoid or mitigate them as you go. They will help you develop a well thought out road map with a pragmatic work plan, budget and timeline based on real-world experience. They will also make sure you have a clear view of the true capabilities of all vendors and technologies under consideration.

Typical Engagements

    • Transformation Strategy
    • Steering Committee + Organization
    • Communication Strategies + Plans
    • Customer Experience Solutions
    • Roadmap for Transitioning Customer Experience
    • Tableau Visualization
    • Integration of BSS/OSS
    • End-to-End Process Monitoring
    • Conversion of CRM/BSS/OSS
    • Data Management 
    • Organization Assessments + Transition Plans
    • Business Process Modeling
    • BI, Metrics & Analysis to Determine ROI